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Autumn in My Neighborhood

I do have regrets. Everybody does. One is that I was born before the Internet and possibility to be worldwide and online when I was young. To be able to expand my own neighborhood outside the front yard fence. Well, on second thought, that is not entirely true - sometimes I feel the opposite and there is no real regret. Childhood without networking and computers was not that bad at all. As it seems, the word 'outdoor' for me and my son today has almost completely different meaning. Without the almighty Internet, and it is not too hard to imagine - boredom in my time was easily experienced indoors and to break it fully you would have to go outside. It was as simple as that. But without this habit of mine, blogging to be exact, I think I lost many things from my childhood as well. Tangible things. Like all of my еssay exams from the school. I lost all of them. It's not that they were that good or something. Just, if I had Internet back then I would most likely wrote some


I am watching my son growing up everyday and from time to time I can't stop thinking how childhood occupied a special place within all memories acquired in everybody's life. I tend to think that this is not because we memorized childhood better than any other period of life, it's more that, comparing to adolescence and later time, those moments are pure and clean, with no much tension, conflicts or seriousness of adult life. This is all about playing, learning new things and enjoying pleasurable moments and events and we are simply programmed to maintain nice memories better while others not so pleasurable store deeply in remote regions of our brains with tendency of quick forgetting. Hairdresser Shop Today one small visit to hairdresser triggered extraction of some really nice memories from my childhood. This morning I took a walk to downtown for some errands and decided to take some shortcuts through couple of blocks where we lived most of my childhood. It was an

Digital Photos and Video Clips

When I bought my first digital camera back in 2003 (HP PhotoSmart C850) new digital era started for me and beginning from that date I currently have about 6000 photos and 1000 videos in my collection or 67.7 GB of storage space occupied on several computers or HD media. Comparing to sum of up to 500 analog photos I scanned from pre-digital era this is really a milestone in everybody's family collection. Early color photos - Analog SLR, Polaroid and Point&Shoot Pushed by my father's old analog photo laboratory when I was a little kid I got interested in photography. We always tended to make some not so ordinary photos - nice black&white and early color photos with having not only people on them. There are plenty of out of ordinary staged photos. I remember we even made montaged photos including couple of UFOs we made out of kitchen plates, modeling clay and fishing strings. It looks like photoshopping today destroyed all that productivity, since there is no need

Welcome to MPJ

Hello folks, or should I say random web reader! Or perhaps you are here on purpose. Or maybe you are a humanized or automatized bot or crawler, doing your scheduled intelligence from whatever reason you do that every now and again. Either way, now when you are here, this probably means you read at least one of my posts and now wondering who I am? Well, even though I believe in privacy on the net I guess when you are having a blog this is not really possible to maintain. Therefore, I created this page so I can introduce myself a little and say something about the blog itself. My name is Milan and basically, this would be just a stream of my texts, thoughts or whatever I think it's worthwhile publishing. Actually, I don't think of myself as a writer, especially in written English which is not my native language and the fact is that this is not what I do best. What I do best is programming and I am doing that for several decades professionally. I like to think that I am one of th