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I am watching my son growing up everyday and from time to time I can't stop thinking how childhood occupied a special place within all memories acquired in everybody's life. I tend to think that this is not because we memorized childhood better than any other period of life, it's more that, comparing to adolescence and later time, those moments are pure and clean, with no much tension, conflicts or seriousness of adult life. This is all about playing, learning new things and enjoying pleasurable moments and events and we are simply programmed to maintain nice memories better while others not so pleasurable store deeply in remote regions of our brains with tendency of quick forgetting. Hairdresser Shop Today one small visit to hairdresser triggered extraction of some really nice memories from my childhood. This morning I took a walk to downtown for some errands and decided to take some shortcuts through couple of blocks where we lived most of my childhood. It was an

Car Buying Nightmare

To be honest buying a new car isn't really a nightmare per se, but it's not a great entertainment either as I thought it would be. All my previous cars were used ones and bought from previous owners and I thought buying a new one would be great new pleasurable experience. It turned to be more about calculations, evaluations and responsibility than pure pleasure. This is my experience and take it only as another blog entry of mine, it's not a recommendation of any kind and I am not trying to advertise any products here or car itself. Just a short story. Ok, to start with I had first to sell my 10 years old Peugeot 206. It was great small automobile and it served us extremely well, but as it got two digits birthday I felt now is the time to let it go. Used car market in Serbia is extremely large. Majority of people are driving 5-6 years or older cars, imported from western Europe countries and there are lots of dealers everywhere you look. I thought I would never sell it a

Welcome to MPJ

Hello folks, or should I say random web reader! Or perhaps you are here on purpose. Or maybe you are a humanized or automatized bot or crawler, doing your scheduled intelligence from whatever reason you do that every now and again. Either way, now when you are here, this probably means you read at least one of my posts and now wondering who I am? Well, even though I believe in privacy on the net I guess when you are having a blog this is not really possible to maintain. Therefore, I created this page so I can introduce myself a little and say something about the blog itself. My name is Milan and basically, this would be just a stream of my texts, thoughts or whatever I think it's worthwhile publishing. Actually, I don't think of myself as a writer, especially in written English which is not my native language and the fact is that this is not what I do best. What I do best is programming and I am doing that for several decades professionally. I like to think that I am one of th