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There is a mountain just couple of kilometers south of our weekend house that is actively blocking our view toward unknown and beyond. It is not too big, just about one kilometer high, rounded in shape, overgrown in surrounding forests with large plains on the top. In the past, from the years of my early childhood till today I had different feelings about that mountain. First, it was the real edge of the world when I thought there was nothing behind. Then I grew into my teen ages when I unsuccessfully wanted to conquer it and plant a flag on the biggest rock of the highest peek possible. When that was over I dreamed about living there in a forest shack in sort of utopian kind of equilibrium with nature itself. There was a time when I just hated it for blocking my nightly sky from the southern constellations and galactic center lying somewhere in the direction of Sagittarius and Scorpius. Now, I only want to pay her a visit someday and see how mountain was looking at me all those years

The Chairman

Actually this post is not about men in charge or the ultimate manager's tool or even furniture. It is about hardware, at least the way I am am experiencing the items in my office. What I want to say is when I buy a new computer, which is my ultimate tool I essentially need for my job, I research first its CPU speed, graphics depth, mobility features, monitor bigness and brightness, but now, things are changed.. My former 'the chair' office The other day my wife asked me what I would like the most for my birthday and after I gave it a little thought I said the ultimate hardware tool for my office - her majesty - The Chair. Previously I had a small and flexible "programmer stylish" chair I thought it was good for all my needs... But with years of age it comes the wisdom. I suddenly realized that beside my "software developer" title, in my one-man-show company, I am also proud owner of all other cool acronyms: CEO, CTO, CMO, BCM, CFO, COO, AIX, B2B

Welcome to MPJ

Hello folks, or should I say random web reader! Or perhaps you are here on purpose. Or maybe you are a humanized or automatized bot or crawler, doing your scheduled intelligence from whatever reason you do that every now and again. Either way, now when you are here, this probably means you read at least one of my posts and now wondering who I am? Well, even though I believe in privacy on the net I guess when you are having a blog this is not really possible to maintain. Therefore, I created this page so I can introduce myself a little and say something about the blog itself. My name is Milan and basically, this would be just a stream of my texts, thoughts or whatever I think it's worthwhile publishing. Actually, I don't think of myself as a writer, especially in written English which is not my native language and the fact is that this is not what I do best. What I do best is programming and I am doing that for several decades professionally. I like to think that I am one of th