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Believable Dystopia

Do you like stories or movies with dystopian premise in the background? I do. It's simple. They feel extremely real and believable and reflect the very possible future of nowadays societies throughout the world. In some of those worldwide cultures this is reality now. Just check the news feed from the middle east or glimpse couple of images from devastated cities ruled by unknown people with covered faces and guns in their arms and you will understand what I am trying to say. Anyway, generally and even though I maintain post-apocalyptic thread on the blog, I don't really like all those stories with zombies or vampires or pandemic virus strains capable of turning the entire human race into horror. They don't seem plausible to me for many reasons I tried to explain before*. However, believable dystopia is another thing entirely and the story that perfectly represents it on multiple levels is Dan Haight's "Pac Fish" series with first book I recently read, called

What's Wrong with Society?

It's simple really. Nothing is wrong with it. Society, like anything else created by our social behavior, is following human evolution ever since we started living together within small and functionally organized communities. In the beginning there was a simple need for this - it was impossible for just one man to hunt down one, for example, mammoth or to defend a family from the herd of prehistoric saber-tooth tigers and the only solution was to get together and organize a little for the mutual benefit. Not to mention everlasting need for prolonging the species which also required, sort of, well, socializing with a member of opposite gender. Mammoth hunt and prehistoric society* We can only wish that things are as simple as it was millenniums before. If we disregard the fact that socializing in order to save the species didn't change much from the times where humans shared the habitat with mammoths, all other aspects of one human society, due to the thousands of years


I remember that scene from the movie "The Blues Brothers" with Jake and Elwood hiding from who-knows-who in the super tiny apartment next to skytrain or railway tracks, shaking every now and again and every time when a train is passing by the neighborhood. I always felt sympathy for all those people who are actually living next to those high trafficking high or rail ways with heavy tremors in the air in form of high decibels of various noises all around them. Guess what? Our own neighborhood is now getting similar feeling. Actually, similar is understatement. It is way worse. The new tracks are placed just couple of dozens of meters above our house. In recent months and years, the local airport are getting more and more traffic and the runway position is actually crossing our street almost to the single angle. I couldn't do much about it except to took the camera as soon as I heard the noise and 'shot' their underbellies. So here are couple of those taken in previ

Real Democracy System

Back in 2008, Google organized conceptual contest named "Project 10^100". The primary goal of the project was to select ideas that are capable to change the World on a global scale. The period of the change had to be 2 years, so the idea needed to be radical and yet plausible. I was thinking that inventing something completely new could be waste of time as nothing new unless it is truly breakthrough is capable of achieving anything in such short period of time, so the only way was to radically change something already in works on a global scale. So, I thought of democracy. Why not? It's the old system with long rusty roots almost unchanged in past millennium and more and I finally submitted the idea that would eventually get rid of politicians by using a voting system that would replace parliaments with the technology and politicians with ordinary people. Anyway, here is the RDS idea of mine exactly the same as submitted back in 2008.  I am sure this way or another it w

Welcome to MPJ

Hello folks, or should I say random web reader! Or perhaps you are here on purpose. Or maybe you are a humanized or automatized bot or crawler, doing your scheduled intelligence from whatever reason you do that every now and again. Either way, now when you are here, this probably means you read at least one of my posts and now wondering who I am? Well, even though I believe in privacy on the net I guess when you are having a blog this is not really possible to maintain. Therefore, I created this page so I can introduce myself a little and say something about the blog itself. My name is Milan and basically, this would be just a stream of my texts, thoughts or whatever I think it's worthwhile publishing. Actually, I don't think of myself as a writer, especially in written English which is not my native language and the fact is that this is not what I do best. What I do best is programming and I am doing that for several decades professionally. I like to think that I am one of th