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Von Neumann Probe

It's hard to create a list of all the scientists in the history of mathematics and physics who better applied theoretical knowledge into the hardware that ultimately worked and moved the world to the next step of existence. But if we try to do it, John von Neumann would be among the top five in the list of scientific GOATs. Probably the best of all of his contributions is in the history of computer science - along with Arthur Burks and Herman Goldstine, he published a paper* in 1946 that practically described the architecture of a modern computers as we are familiar with today. However, what he will be most remembered for is not a machine in existence today but one that is still just a theoretical and basically only an idea. Not yet anyways. In short, design of a von Neumann probe or a self-replicating spacecraft is not that far-fetched from all what we know today and if humanity sees its survival on Earth difficult in the future (to say the least) and tries to became interste

Three Caves

Part of Serbia lands below Danube river is pretty mountainous, with complex geology especially in eastern parts where Carpathian and Balkan mountains collided and over eons formed Serbian Carpathians with total of 14 independent mountain ranges in existence today. These rocks date back to the Proterozoic Eon (2.5 billion - 541 million years ago) with limestones and dolomites mainly formed from late Jurassic to early Cretaceous, around 100 million years ago. There are dozens of large caves within these mountains and many with tourist paths built to visit and admire their beauty and history. Two of them we visited last week and they both gave us extraordinary experience and impressions. However, the first cave in this blog story belongs to the one formed in the foothill of an ancient volcano of the nowadays mountain of Bukulja in western Serbia, although the recent paper posted a theory that the mountain is much younger (15 million year ago) and instead formed in tectonic processes.

Historical Fiction of the World War Two

The start of the second world war in the Balkans was known as the "April War" that lasted no more than 10 days in the operation called "Führer Directive No. 25". The swift conflict ended on April 14th in armistice based on unconditional surrender of Yugoslav military forces. My grandfather was a 22 years old corporal in the former Yugoslav army when he was transferred to a war camp in Germany in mid-April 1941, along with other 30,000 surrendered soldiers. He spent next four years in Nazi military camp leaving behind his young wife and 2-year-old son. I am sure it was not easy for him to cope the entire time of imprisonment and captivity, especially in the beginning, but considering all the horrors of the most cruel encampments of Nazi Germany, unconditional surrender of the entire Yugoslav Army came with negotiated terms and agreement of fair treatment of all the prisoners during captivity in various labor camps in the following years. Perhaps the main trauma for a

Science Fiction at its Best

When it comes to the space exploration within hard science fiction, the one where science is embedded in the narrative to the point that it is impossible to tell a story without it, only rare novels stand out among all the others in the ocean of short stories and novels published online and within traditional ways. Sure it's not really possible to be familiar with entire vast universe of sci-fi literature of today compared to the past times especially before internet when was easier not to miss noticeable book on the public shelf.   However, even today, the true classics in the genre are easily recognizable, perhaps in all those moments during or after reading when we wonder not if the plot is possible or scientifically plausible but when we fail to distinguish the fiction part from the real science. To achieve this, authors can't rely on their writing narrative only but also to their ability to successfully entangle science and fiction and not only for those who understands th

Build Better Apps With These Tips for UX Design

We all want to build apps that people want to use. Beyond actually having a great idea for an app, UX design is an important part of pulling this off. While the services of a digital strategy agency can be invaluable for helping you zero in on the points you need to cover for UX design, there are some tips that you should know before you get started. People should not feel like they need a map to find their way around your app. If they have been to a screen once, they should be able to get there again with no problem. Make the navigation features of the app obvious and make the destination of different actions clear. Users will appreciate the ability to find different pages without feeling like they are starting from the beginning every time they open the app. Information Presentation How much have you thought about how you present information in your app? Is text the right way to go? Maybe you should use graphs and charts. Maybe it should be photos or videos. Take a close look at the

How Infrastructure as Code Is the Future of IT

For a long time, IT infrastructure has been a problem for enterprises. It requires significant investment and expertise to set up. This has traditionally made it difficult for operations to manage their IT resources at the optimal levels. They would either waste money by going over their needs or they would create problems for their teams by not investing enough in resources. This all started to change when cloud computing became widely available. With cloud computing services, you had an affordable option that made it possible to buy resources that are targeted toward your needs. Not only that, but the resources were much more flexible and they could easily scale with your operation. While it did relieve a major issue for some enterprises, cloud computing does still have its complications. You still need to manage, monitor and configure resources. This can be time-consuming and complicated for teams that need to work on things like DevSecOps . Fortunately, solutions like Infrastruc

ZVIKTOR22: Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Building the new amazing Lego NASA Galaxy set - Space Shuttle Discovery with Hubble Space Telescope. For more videos please visit ZVIKTOR22 YouTube Channel .

Science of the Fountain of Youth

Cosmologically speaking, humans and all other animal forms of life (here on Earth) don't live very long. We can thank for this fact to the evolutionary design of life based on organic chemistry we are all made of. We came a long way from the point in history when evolution started to boost our development from hunter-gatherers into today's dominant species. But do we live longer today than before? Despite common belief and compared to our ancestors who lived in the past dozen of millenniums, the life span of humans today, enhanced by miracles of modern ways of living which in short list include improved health care and nutrition, better sanitation, access to clean running water and immunization, is not dramatically extended, if at all. Yes, the life expectancy (average life span of entire population) of the ancient times was way shorter than today but this statistical data was misleading for the fact of the vast number of people in distant past who died very young due to high c

ZVIKTOR22: Lego Boost - Egg Painter

Lego Boost MOC Egg Painter is an Egg-Booster based on Boost Creative Toolbox made by Bundy at Rebrickable. The best feature of this custom build is that it is fully compatible with Linux based library MoveHub writen by Andrey Pokhilko on GitHub. It worked perfectly with our Ubuntu installation. For more videos please visit ZVIKTOR22 YouTube Channel .

ZVIKTOR22: NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

Building amazing Lego Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander with little facts about the mission, moon rocks and Apollo 15 experiment proving that gravity doesn't care for object mass whatsoever! For more videos please visit ZVIKTOR22 YouTube Channel .

ZVIKTOR22: NASA Apollo Saturn V - Speed Build

Building the new and renewed Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V, the best Lego Ideas set to date! Features a meter-high (approximately 1:110 scale) model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V with a removable S-IC first rocket stage with main rocket engine details, removable S-II second rocket stage with rocket engine details, removable S-IVB third rocket stage with the Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus 3 stands to display the model horizontally. For more videos please visit ZVIKTOR22 YouTube Channel .

Revelation of Life (4) - Thea

"Seeing me confused, Phil paused to give me more time to reflect. To be honest, I couldn't fathom how anybody would react to all this. Literally in just couple of minutes I have learned the origin of life and the entire structure of, well, everything. And yet, at that moment I felt like more is coming. Like the truth only started to unveil and I am about to understand the fate of what was undoubtedly beyond my comprehension.. The fate of the universe.. No less." Revelation of Life - part three Choosing Planets Revelation of Life - prequel To the loving memory of my father November 6, 2020 Revelation of Life part four Thea Seeing me confused, Phil paused to give me more time to reflect. To be honest, I couldn't fathom how anybody would react to all this. Literally in just couple of minutes I have learned the origin of l