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Build Better Apps With These Tips for UX Design

We all want to build apps that people want to use. Beyond actually having a great idea for an app, UX design is an important part of pulling this off. While the services of a digital strategy agency can be invaluable for helping you zero in on the points you need to cover for UX design, there are some tips that you should know before you get started. People should not feel like they need a map to find their way around your app. If they have been to a screen once, they should be able to get there again with no problem. Make the navigation features of the app obvious and make the destination of different actions clear. Users will appreciate the ability to find different pages without feeling like they are starting from the beginning every time they open the app.

Information Presentation

How much have you thought about how you present information in your app? Is text the right way to go? Maybe you should use graphs and charts. Maybe it should be photos or videos. Take a close look at the information you need to reach users and think about the most effective way to communicate that information in your app. 

Do the Work for Them

People want apps to make things easy for them. The more you can remove steps from the process, the more they will like the app. As an example, if you already have their information, automatically populate any forms as much as possible. Steps like this can save the user time and it will make the app more enjoyable and more convenient.

Intuitive Design

Users open apps with certain expectations concerning the way they will work. From their experience with the platform and other apps, they are used to certain types of controls and they have been conditioned by experience. You should try to use these expectations to create an app that is intuitive. Instead of feeling like they are using something new, it should feel familiar.

Help Them Out

Even with the best attempts at intuitive design, some features might need a little explanation. First, you could create screen overlays that appear the first time a user encounters a screen to teach them about the different features and functions. You could also create a help page to cover some of the common issues or questions users might have.

The Right Features

App features are one topic you are likely to cover with digital strategy services. One common issue is that many developers get the idea that more features will make better apps. Even if you are interested in a popular feature like augmented reality, you should always consider whether the feature adds value. The best apps don’t have the most features, they have the right features.

Be Brief

Most brand strategy services pros will tell you that you should try to keep text brief in an app. Unless you are talking about a news app or a reading app, most people are not downloading your app to read. Convey any information in as few words as you can. You may also want to consider using images or videos where possible.

Easy on Push Notifications

When it is done right, using push notifications can be great for engaging users and bringing them back to the app. With that said, you need to be careful not to overdo it. If their phone is constantly being pinged with notifications from your app, users will get annoyed and they might choose to uninstall. Also, make sure the notifications are useful and that they add value.

As a final point, don’t be afraid to try new things and run tests. You might not get it perfect every time, but careful experimentation can be a good way to uncover the secrets that will set your app ahead of the competition.

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