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Science Fiction at its Best

When it comes to the space exploration within hard science fiction, the one where science is embedded in the narrative to the point that it is impossible to tell a story without it, only rare novels stand out among all the others in the ocean of short stories and novels published online and within traditional ways. Sure it's not really possible to be familiar with entire vast universe of sci-fi literature of today compared to the past times especially before internet when was easier not to miss noticeable book on the public shelf.  

However, even today, the true classics in the genre are easily recognizable, perhaps in all those moments during or after reading when we wonder not if the plot is possible or scientifically plausible but when we fail to distinguish the fiction part from the real science. To achieve this, authors can't rely on their writing narrative only but also to their ability to successfully entangle science and fiction and not only for those who understands the scientific background with ease.

Despite Andy Weir's latest novel "Project Hail Mary" being only partly true hard science fiction, it might be one of those rare gems after all. It has everything, Martian type of humor, real apocalyptic villain, amazing friendship among main protagonists, author's proposed answer to the origin of life in our galactic neighborhood, couple of twists in the 'how I didn't see that one coming' fashion and the genuine and tearful happy ending.

On the other side, to be entirely honest, apocalyptical scenario, even though nicely scientifically plotted, is too far fetched for my taste and understanding but still it is a bright refreshment comparing to the usual man-made villainy we used to deal with in most of science fiction of today. The same goes for a fictitious lifeform capable of transferring energy into mass and vice versa. It does look strained and not very much in Weir's fashion considering his previous books that are more scientifically based on the technology of today.

Nevertheless, it is easy to conclude that "Project Hail Mary" is coming with an instant classic flavor and undoubtedly standing shoulder to shoulder with all timers such as "Contact" by Carl Sagan or "Rendezvous With Rama" by Arthur C. Clarke or several modern authors who boldly explored science behind artificial intelligence, vacuum decay, block universe, holographic principle, simulation theory etc. I genuinely enjoyed reading it and will be anxiously looking forward for the upcoming movie.

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