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DMV Processing

DMV Processing in current stage of existence is a software development company and a legal base of operation for an individual independent contractor. If I would like just to state keywords which could be company's and my own background they would be (present and past): Azure Communication Services, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Azure, Node.js, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, C#/.NET, PHP, Python, RESTful API, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Web & Desktop/Mobile Apps, Office Apps Development, SSRS, SQL Server, Cloud/Azure. Apart from technical background, the way of working is determent to be described in words: Freelancing, Outsourcing and Coding. DMV Processing, from this perspective is, what I often like to call, my own place where I pay the taxes with my office being my laptop in the most mobile meaning of the word possible. The turning point toward Microsoft business development came with business-fying the internet within fast enough protocols and coding environments which pretty much happened around decade ago.

≡ May 2006 - Current ≡

Perhaps the most productive cooperation in latest decade was with Copenhagen based company Rackpeople ApS and their projects within Microsoft Teams, Azure Communication Services, Cloud Systems, REST/API connectivity, SSRS, SQL, SharePoint and various cloud, console and web applications. The most beneficial feature of the unified communications is of course integration of regular telephony and PSTN systems which provided empty space for developing several unsupported features within client and server SDKs designed for simplification of audio/video conferencing in all possible ways. Cloud financial systems took over in years around 2020 and the firm engaged in development of various invoicing features with extensive use of RESTful API and coding of financial framework within Microsoft Navision and Business Central. Rackpeople's IT solutions and new ways of working have a major impact on the projects, and digital transformation is the foundation for the development regardless of the current technology in use. Before full engagement with Rackpeople ApS, in the first decade of the century, I was engaged with Danish company Jarrels & Co and helped developing various applications for industry based network services including GPS tracking and network connectivity.

≡ January 1999 - May 2006 ≡

In the dawn of 21st century and until the second part of the first decade, the most of programming was connected to Makosch Media GmbH in Munich, Germany. My professional work within company was in projecting, developing and implementing regIEpult - web based software used in conference meetings - interactive features between speaker and clients (intranet solution). It was probably the most exciting project of the time which included two generation of the software. First and the most used one in live events was entirely written in good and old ASP with database located in the MS Office Access suite. The second version we developed with first appearance of .NET 1.1 and connection to SQL Server. Entire application was designed for specific hardware (all-in-one PCs) and for Internet Explorer with controlling parent windows installation throughout ActiveX controls. Besides this project, in this period of time, I was involved in a couple of more organizations and companies and with couple of desktop oriented applications designed for shareware market, written entirely in Borland's Pascal and C++ environments and also one more academic project within 'Faculty of Mechanical Engineering' in Niš entirely written in Java. There were also several solutions I wrote independently as freeware applications, like the one designed for automating radio stations and ActiveX library controls that added further functionalities into web clients. They were entirely made within projects named Zedplace Software localized in my office and Pufferfish Software Development that good friend of mine and I started in London, England and despite all of our desires they mostly served as torrent of POC projects than actual businesses, even though they all ended with small financial outcome and lots of experience.

≡ May 1995 - January 1999 ≡

DMV Processing wasn't software development company from the beginning. Way back in the year of 1987 it was funded by my parents and oriented in process engineering and industrial system production. With final legal registration of the firm under my name in March 2002, I started to divert production toward software development. This date wasn't actually a turning point of the course change toward pure coding though, but it was a date of the latest structural and legal change of the firm in which I, due to my parent's retirement, took over almost entire business and started to change the goal toward freelancing, outsourcing and business software development. However, the production line kept working for more years though as long as all resources and stock were still not depleted fully. Also there were couple of old customers with already installed systems or with new demands so the process engineering staid intact until perhaps the end of decade. For the history reference the most successful products and microcontrollers of the DMV Processing 'all time' sales were: Water Level Measurement Device MNV-1 (microcontroller device which controls the water level), Time Relay VR-8 (time-based three-phase engine operation control), Phase asymmetry and timetable detector DARF-3 (control of three-phase power source), Level Measurement Device NVM-3 (control of pumping engine operation in wells), Microcomputer for Flow Measurement NIVA-4 (flow monitoring microcontroller), Utilized Power Control CORDON 32 (control of maxigraph in transformer stations), Rotation Counter MBO-3 (microcontroller for engine rotation control). Visible on the left is a website screenshot of the DMV Processing's home page and all product details can be seen in latest catalog from 2006: DMV Processing's production line catalog in Serbian.

≡ September 1990 - May 1995 ≡

DMV Processing in first half of last decade in 20th century operated in couple of legal forms, with one long period of being a fully registered responsibility company that overgrown main family 'garage' based small shop from the beginning. Unfortunately, this decade was not ideal in Serbian industrial history due to heavy inflation process and political issues. However, despite shaken market, it was the beginning of the 'prosperity' period in which we tried to expand the business and add more products in the production. My participation in this period was a bit limited as I was focused on finishing my university education but even though the knowledge carved in my bachelor's and master's degrees I earned within 'Faculty of Electronic Engineering', true skills in the field I also owe to further work on project in the company, especially within the CPU and MCU software applications like this one on the picture which used capacity method to measure water and fluid levels in wells and other industrial systems. Back in the time, we decided to replace Zilog Z80 CPU and electronic circuits of ours with Microchip's PIC series of MCUs. MNV-1 and couple of more projects were based on PIC16 with full RISC architecture and at the time, they were state of the art, very resilient, and industrial friendly microcontrollers.

≡ September 1987 - September 1990 ≡

DMV Processing, even though registered as a manufacturing shop in the fall of 1987, was the very first instance of the small family company oriented in producing on-demand automated industrial microcontrollers and various systems in production line process. The founders were my parents, Vinko and Dušica Živić, who dedicated their professional lives in this endeavor which is, in changed form, still in progress until today. The name of the shop was made from the first letters in our names (including letter 'M', which was both first letter of my sister's and mine). 'Processing' stands for 'Process engineering' which described what we were manufacturing in short possible way. My part in the firm was to develop the entire software running behind our prime project - Cordon-N, which was Z80 CPU based computer designed to save power consumption in big production lines with lots of electrical machines in the process. Basically, what it did was to monitor current consumption of electrical power and to predict the electrical bill in the next period of time. If this consumption was higher than anticipated Cordon-N would start shutting down non-important systems in the manufacturing process. On the long run, this wonderful computer saved lots of money to the owner, including making worthwhile purchase of its own in a very short period of time.

≡ Origins and basic idea of family business ≡

The firm mainly operated under the small manufacturer association back then in eighties and early nineties, which was both good and bad - with lots of opportunities to meet various customers in the industrial world but also with unnecessary bureaucracy and intermediaries. After couple of years, DMV Processing had grown to the level of earning its own name, book keeping, bank accounts and all logistics needed for independent presence on the market, including very fist logo I designed back then in the early nineties. The alpha and omega of DMV Processing was of course my father with his expertise in electronics and long experience in industrial process engineering and his connections with both customers and suppliers. My mother was alpha and omega of her own in the business-fying entire firm with my sister in office and final production while my role was to add 21st century into way of thinking within production of microcontroller based systems such was Cordon but also with couple of other similar projects.

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