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Build Better Apps With These Tips for UX Design

We all want to build apps that people want to use. Beyond actually having a great idea for an app, UX design is an important part of pulling this off. While the services of a digital strategy agency can be invaluable for helping you zero in on the points you need to cover for UX design, there are some tips that you should know before you get started. People should not feel like they need a map to find their way around your app. If they have been to a screen once, they should be able to get there again with no problem. Make the navigation features of the app obvious and make the destination of different actions clear. Users will appreciate the ability to find different pages without feeling like they are starting from the beginning every time they open the app. Information Presentation How much have you thought about how you present information in your app? Is text the right way to go? Maybe you should use graphs and charts. Maybe it should be photos or videos. Take a close look at the

Why You Should Use a VPN Over TOR

The internet has grown so large that it now has a hand in almost every part of our daily living. We reside in smart homes connected by some part of the internet, run a series of transactions and save sensitive files online, to mention but a few. Learning from the stories of big companies like Yahoo and Uber that have suffered massive attacks from hackers in the past, it would thus not be surprising that you be interested in keeping your cyber life as secure as can be. Looking at the various options available, only two stand out when it comes to protecting your data on the internet. They are: The Tor Browser and VPN services What is TOR? Short for ‘The Onion Router,’ TOR is the most secure browser you can access the internet with. The browser has been developed with military-grade security in mind. If that means anything, it’s that you get as much security as possible when browsing the internet. Connecting to the internet via a TOR browser, your data goes through a syst

DMV Processing

DMV Processing in current stage of existence is a software development company and a legal base of operation for an individual independent contractor. If I would like just to state keywords which could be company's and my own background they would be (present and past): Azure Communication Services, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Azure, Node.js, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, C#/.NET, PHP, Python, RESTful API, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Web & Desktop/Mobile Apps, Office Apps Development, SSRS, SQL Server, Cloud/Azure.  Apart from technical background, the way of working is determent to be described in words: Freelancing, Outsourcing and Coding . DMV Processing, from this perspective is, what I often like to call, my own place where I pay the taxes with my office being my laptop in the most mobile meaning of the word possible. The turning point toward Microsoft business development came with business-fying the internet within fast enough pr