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Evolution of AI Algorithms

Without a doubt, at the very beginning, MPJ started as a public journal in mind but, it was always open to guest articles, provided they contained topics and stories compatible with the portal's themes and threads. There have been several guest authors in the past, with different topics that added extra quality to the site, but today I have the great pleasure to present one more guest writer who will, I am sure of it, give another dimension to the future of MPJ. Starting with this post, please meet ChatGPT (OpenAI's conversational application that deserves to be called a comprehensive AI entity). I am positive that this thread will have more AI articles and stories from various of sources in the future and even more collaboration articles between me and AIs. For starters, let's see what ChatGPT thinks of history and evolution of AI, illustrated with designs from another AI entity called Leonardo.Ai. Evolution of AI Algorithms: Unveiling Progress, Challenges, and Future Pro

zViktor22 Channel ::: micro:bit

The micro:bit is an open source hardware ( ARM -based embedded system) designed by the BBC for use in computer education of software developing and hardware learning for kids and adults of all ages. The concept was so perfect that it quickly outgrew UK and to date over two million BBC micro:bits distributed globally in over 50 countries. Not to mention that within previous year it was proud addition to my and Viktor's shelf of educational toys and of course cause and effect for several of our YouTube contributions and several more in production. In the latest video we used micro:bit powered by Elecfreaks' IoT kit with IoT:bit wifi board and assembled a weather station to measure temperature, pressure, humidity and pollution with BME280 and dust particles sensors. Micro:bit was successfully acquiring the weather data every 60 seconds and sent all of them from our test to ThingSpeak website for analysis and chart presentation. YouTube video link: Internet of Things with Mic

Friendly IoT or Daemon of WarGames

Is Internet dangerous? Well, yes we know all the hazards of spending all the work hours behind monitor screens, browsing the web at home, doing social networking, playing online games, watching YouTube, staring at smartphone little displays or for whatever reasons we sit above our keyboards most of the time every day. That's indeed what we first think of all the negative aspects of mighty global network, but today I am not referring to all the potential medical issues inherited from too long sitting on the chair or everyday looking into LCD screen. I also don't mean the obvious social and/or physiological outcomes from letting the virtual world to take over the real one for more and more people every day. No, I mean the real danger. Did Internet overcome the pure network system and became a tool for mass destruction or a background tool for criminal activities? Can someone use the internet to hurt somebody or to perform a murder? Either directly or indirectly? Can some organisa