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The micro:bit is an open source hardware (ARM-based embedded system) designed by the BBC for use in computer education of software developing and hardware learning for kids and adults of all ages. The concept was so perfect that it quickly outgrew UK and to date over two million BBC micro:bits distributed globally in over 50 countries. Not to mention that within previous year it was proud addition to my and Viktor's shelf of educational toys and of course cause and effect for several of our YouTube contributions and several more in production.

In the latest video we used micro:bit powered by Elecfreaks' IoT kit with IoT:bit wifi board and assembled a weather station to measure temperature, pressure, humidity and pollution with BME280 and dust particles sensors. Micro:bit was successfully acquiring the weather data every 60 seconds and sent all of them from our test to ThingSpeak website for analysis and chart presentation.

YouTube video link: Internet of Things with Micro:bit

With help of Kitronik Inventor's Kit in second video, we created several electronic circuits based on Mr Georg Ohm law. Video tutorial include basic electrical circuit with controlling LED light, police light with two LEDs, detecting light with LDR, generating electrical current with wind power, singing micro:bit and controlling RGB LED light.

YouTube video link: Electronics with micro:bit

It all started last winter with shipment from London and with Viktor & Miha doing unboxing the package and getting familiarized with the content. It's hard not to think how easy and understandable it all was after first glance. The future of software development education is no doubt getting another tool(s) into class rooms and kid's homes.

YouTube video link: BBC micro:bit | Unboxing and Features Test

To say the least micro:bit board is just a beginning. To fully support all the ideas and imagination, many extensions in both software and hardware are needed. Good news is they are all very affordable comparing with the knowledge they are providing in the aftermath. Following references are those we used to extend micro:bit in all the embedded videos.

Elecfreaks product manufacturer

ThingSpeak cloud for IoT Projects

BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Inventors Kit Resources

Georg Ohm & Ohm's law

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