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Iron Man

In old Serbian folklore there was one very interesting fairy tale with one very unusual character for the time it was first told. In short it goes like this: "Once upon a time, there was a king who ordered his three sons to get married in most unusual way. All three of them were supposed to shoot arrows and from where they landed, the emperor would pick the most beautiful girls to be their brides. Needless to say the youngest's arrow ended far away from the city and flew right into the old well just next to the ugly greenish frog. Well, the deal in fairy tales always goes all the way and not surprisingly the frog soon became his wedding wife."

"And just like in typical fairy tale, the frog eventually turned into the most beautiful girl in the entire kingdom and almost immediately became the person of envy for all royalties, especially the queen and all the other princesses. This never went well in old stories and soon after the young prince was given the most impossible tasks and quests in order to clear his name and keep his head on his shoulders. Finally and to cut the story even more, perhaps in not so ordinary fairy tale endings, he found a valuable ally in his brother in law who turned to be ... the Iron Man in flash. Well not really in flash and more in heavy tech armor, but in the end the Iron Man came to the castle, knocked down the bridge gate and all the other doors inside the fortress, killed the king and put the youngest prince on the throne."

The original title of the old tale was in Serbian "Gvozden čovjek" or simply "Iron Man" and it was first published in 1870 by one of the most famous story collectors Vuk S. Karadžić in Vienna. When I first read it, I remember my first reaction was related to the origin of Marvel's famous superhero and whether or not first comic writers took some of their inspiration in old stories like this. Many of old Serbian fairy tales orally told from generation to generation were finally published in 19th century with many of them translated to German by famous Grimm brothers. There's no doubt that, at the time, fiction and fairy tale authors, starting with Charles Perrault easily found inspiration from folklore stories just like this one.

Anyhow, while I am definitely big admirer of great men from the past, who were true pioneers in their fields, just like Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, you can freely say that I equally or even more admire Stan Lee and Larry Lieber who co-created the iconic superhero character along with its motion picture appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The best thing about Tony Stark for me of course is that he actually doesn't have any superpowers in a way comic books accustomed us over the years. His great strength comes from his super-powered builder mind and also from my perspective his positive arrogance, his dislike for chain of command and visible disrespect for false authorities.

Iron Man and all the superheroes from the Avengers saga colored last two weekends for our entire family and we visited Cineplexx to see Endgame twice. Not all movies deserve visiting movie theater more than once in a short amount of time and Avengers: Endgame is definitely one of them. Understanding time-travel based movies always require extra effort and Endgame was no different. In our case between two projections we had to draw pretty complex timeline(s) of all the events from the movie in order to catch what was happening. Thankfully the butterfly effect always created new dimension and didn't mess with the original timeline so the understanding was not hard and I must say, if time travel to the past was possible this is how I would like it to work.

Avengers: Endgame is also a closure for the first decade of more than 20 movies and also a closure for Tony Stark himself. The true hero of the Avengers trilogy died at the end of the epic battle but not before he managed to save entire universe from ceasing of existence. To be honest, the entire film was true gem among all Marvel franchise filmed so far, but moments with Captain America holding Mjölnir and Iron Man's final moments were truly exceptional and highly emotional. In conclusion, let's just say when I saw a poll "Did you cry at the end of the movie?" within Viktor's friends group of his school class, I was happy I didn't have to answer.


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