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Here’s How Augmented Reality is Going to Rock Our World

Guest writer article by Serena Garner

Augmented reality (AR) is on the cusp of changing the world. The technology overlays imagery and information about our physical surroundings on visual devices like tablets, mobile devices, and wearable hardware like glasses. Everything from how we shop to technical training will change as advances in AR create new applications in every aspect of our lives.

Apple has been at the forefront of the AR trend with the introduction of ARKit, a framework tool that enables AR mobile web app development for the iPhone and iPad. The software uses the device’s camera, motion sensing, GPS data, and more to explore the physical world around us and add new, innovative ways to interact with it. Here are other ways augmented reality is changing the world as we know it.

The Application of AR Will Spread Everywhere

Gamification is a great way to introduce new technology to consumers. It’s fun, entertaining, and a proven way to teach users new applications. Probably the most well-known AR mobile app is Pokemon Go!, which introduced millions of consumers to the concept of augmented reality technology.

The same ideas that made this app so successful can be applied to the workplace. For instance, it is possible to gamify the work process, allowing employees to earn points and rewards as they complete tasks, outperform, and improve their results. Gamifying enhances engagement and employee performance.

The potential for improving lives, however, goes beyond simple gaming. With AR, the workplace can be transformed with greater safety and efficiency by giving staff access to vital information about their surroundings. Things like warnings about machine operations, tracking items within a warehouse, or expanding situational awareness in chaotic environments can contribute to better and safer spaces for employees.

The applications AR has for life-saving are also vast. From military in the field to underserved remote areas of the world, medical training and guidance can become an augmented reality experience that will save time and even lives.

It Has Even Greater Effects on Retail and Design

Another huge impact from AR will be in the world of commerce and e-commerce. AR mapping of retail malls and stores will turn searching for any item into simply following of a virtual map to its location.

Through various scanning techniques, shoppers will be able to use their own facial features or body types to virtually try on merchandise. Since the inability to try on clothing or shoes account for over 30% of Ecommerce returns, the online market will expand and satisfy customer needs more easily. They can now offer products that will perform as expected, clothing that will fit, or determine if a purchase will fit in the space that you envision.

The design world will be turned on its head as AR technology continues to develop. Products can go through an AR modeling process that will skip the physical prototype phase, saving time and money and allowing for design improvement and enhancement.

3D models will become virtual experiences, such as a car designer sits inside a car and sees the impact of layout. Or, a furniture designer tests designs for ergonomics or structural issues without the need for physical samples.

AR Has an Enormous Financial Upside

From a business point of view, the stakes are high for augmented reality. Broadening markets, improving customer satisfaction through quality sales, and developing marketing ideas that will create more user engagement and loyalty all will improve the bottom lines of companies. The revenues for companies investing in AR technology that integrates with their products and services is expecting to explode from $23 million today to almost $50 billion in less than five years.

Utilizing and understanding AR technology now will provide businesses with revenue-enhancing opportunities ahead of the competition. It will also provide consumers with a new way to engage in aspects of life ranging from gaming to the workplace.

AR has arrived and will expand at a breakneck pace. As consumers and employees, we will see our world change in ways that will save time and money, enhance our everyday experience, and move us into the world of the future.

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