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Interview With an 'X'

The 'X' is definitely one of the most important letters in the alphabet. Not only that it is the most valuable variable in all math equations and scientific chase for the unknown, but in the entire history of human riddles, and I mean not always related to math, it always marks the most interesting spot. Sometimes the one with the treasure. It was not coincidence that old Romans used it for the most important number of them all. 10. The very base of our widely used numeric system. But we are not here to talk about mathematics or treasure hunting per se. It will be more about age. Of ten. My son Viktor is turning this magic number on this year Earth Day (April 22nd) and I decided, in addition to our previous topic and post Interview With an Expert, to fire another set of questions for him to answer. This time more general and within various realm of life and .. well .. stuff...

So let's start with favorites. I guess they say a lot about personality. And they don't require a polygraph to confirm the truthness of the given answers.. For some reason, I believe everybody or the most of us will answer these honestly. Probably because of their benevolentness (if this is even a word). Even we adults will not curve the truth with these ones. And yet, answers to these questions probably reveal a lot about a person. In the modern world it is comparable to the browser history - if you want to learn about your friend's likes and dislikes just have a glimpse or two to his or her bookmarks and history.

So, let's start the interview in that fashion. Here it goes:

What are your favorite subjects in school?
Physical education, Sports, Music and Math - Because they are so much fun and I like numbers and to solve puzzles.

What sport do you like the most and why?
Basketball - It is the best sport and great for body practice. It makes you stronger and faster.

What are your favorite regular and comic book? And why?

The best book I read so far was '20000 leagues under the sea' because it was so mysterious and adventurous. The greatest comic book is definitely 'Il Grande Blek' - he and all his friends are very interesting and super funny.

What are your favorite board and video game? Why these?
Battleship and Connect 4 - they are interesting and tense. The best video game is definitely Minecraft - because I can build things and make my own worlds.

What about your favorite movie and TV show? How so?

Avengers for the movies - great fight and smart play. The Flash for TV shows - because they are funny and mysterious. Also Discovery Channel's Mythbusters - they do amazing myth testing especially what they find on YouTube.

What's your favorite food?

Rolls, pie and pastry. Also Milka chocolate and marshmallows.

What about favorite color(s)?

Something between green and black.

Well, that was easy and nice to warm up the interviewer and interviewee. No big surprise there. To be honest, if I exclude color and food, it could be the same answers I would offer. Then again, back then, when I was around 10 years old, maybe even the food and colors would be the same. Perhaps only the movie would be different but I have to say he nailed the book. Ok, let's move to more interesting questions and see what happens next. But not to the boring ones yet. Serious questions should be at the bottom of the pit for now.. Or never asked. So, let's continue with just couple of those from the realm of movies and games. And fantasy.

What superpower would you like to possess? Don't say to be rich..

Jedi force mastering and telekinesis.

What do you think about the greatest mystery of the universe, women?
Well, I think that ... wait what?

Sorry it was the line from the Back to the future.. But seriously, what do you think what is the greatest mystery of the universe?
How did it all start in the first place?

What part of the world would you like to visit some day?

America and Germany. I would like to visit their museums.

You like museums? What kind?

Natural museums and museums about fighting machines of all kind. Old and new.

Would you rather live at the North Pole or in the desert?

Definitely desert. (I like warm weather better).

If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
Fox (they are fast and smart) or snake (because they are careful and cautious).

Okidoki, now we are getting warmer.. With exception of the snake I would easily predict all the answers. However, even though the snake looks odd, when I think about it, there's a wisdom in there. Ever since the book of genesis we are taking snakes for granted and always in the realm of evil and children thinking is definitely not weighted with stereotypes and dogma. Museums looks nice too. Ok, let's go into more personal area now and see how the 'X' will describe himself by answering these generic questions (I found them online and changed a little to better fit the age).

What is one of your greatest talents? What do you do best?
I remember things for a long time.

What makes you nervous and what makes you happy?

I am nervous when I don't know what to say or how to answer questions and happy when I do things properly.

What is your happiest memory so far? 
When I bought Darth Vader Pig plushy from Angry Birds franchise when I was 4.. I couldn't believe when I saw it on the shelf in the store when we were on vacation in Greece.

I have to admit, as it seemed, these questions gave Viktor the hard time. He did think a lot before answering and I had to help him a little with offering answers in form of A, B, C... It looks like with him and probably lots of children in his age, happiness is not the same as with us adults. It's more about moments and great times they enjoy the most. I guess they live in present time more than we do. Ok, that indeed was something interesting, so what is next? Oh yes, if those questions up to now were describing a young boy to the detail, the following ones will go even further. Like they say ... To the bone... Time is now for hard questions.

What age do you look forward to – and why?

Really? Can you be more precise than that?
Because I was born on 22nd...

Ok, I give up.. What you want to be when you grow up?
Game designer and software developer in general.

What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now? 
Programming. And making more successful YouTube videos.

How do you think Earth will look like when you grow up?
I am not sure. Not so different than today. Maybe there will be lots of robots?

What is god?  
There are many gods - sea god, heaven god, hell god (I like the sea god the most) - I saw in Greece lots of sculptures and monuments. People say they lived long ago and they created animals.

Who created people?
Monkeys. Over time they rose up and lost their fur and hair and became humans.

Ok, thanks for all the answers. Do you have anything to ask me?
Not really.. Maybe on your birthday.

For the end, what advice would you give to your parents?
To play with me more often.

So there you go, I know I could have been more thorough with this interview and created more serious questions for the last section, but I thought that this post should stay in the entertaining thread on the blog and represent just one short and funny conversation between a father, son and small generation gap in between. For the very end and to get back to the post opening, Viktor's birthday and Earth Day (unofficial Earth's birthday) are celebrated on the same day every year and for this special occasion I want to give them both the same message:

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