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The Prologue of Never-Written Book

Something was bothering her for days.

She didn't actually know what it was. It was not the food. She knew that well and her belly was not itching her. Not a single bit. Mom was giving her delicious portions every day and she was feeling healthier and stronger every morning. It was not the air or water either. The forest and all three plains outside were.. Like the usual.. Beautiful and green with lots of life emerging from the trees and rocks. Even the ocean was calm and perfect the other day when she foolishly followed her older brother and his two peers to the cliff. They mocked her all the way down the stream and even took all her snacks she had and found on the way.

No. What she started to experience just the other day after the trip to the cliffs was some sort of discomfort she never experienced before. Nobody could harm her in the forest. It was not that. Not even on the plains. She was always following her mother and brother during all their travels and never got into any trouble. It was something in mom's eyes ever since the northern plain got into flames after those fireballs fell from the sky. They were almost like thunder only slower and different in noise they made. And they came from clear sky. It was nothing serious really and even looked beautiful when one ball hit the ground and the other exploded above the forest into thousands of chunks and fire showers in the same time.

Everything calmed now. They made little damage and all the fires were now gone but still ever since then everything started to seem different. Fireworks from the skies didn't stop really but there were no explosions like the other day. It looked like all the fireballs couldn't reach the ground and instead made red and orange patterns high above the forest. It was beautiful. And spooky in the same time. She started to feel it as well. She couldn't hear all those loud noises from birds and small animals for two days. Even the waterfall just next to their playground sounded quiet and eerie. And the most of all unusual things happened was her father. He returned last night. She saw him only twice last season and all the timidness she emotioned last couple of days, ever since the sky fire, with him around, started to grow into real fear.

The very next day they moved out. Just before the dawn, she and her brother started following their parents. They never ran that fast. They never ran in the group at all before. Even others joined. The other species and relatives. Some, she recognized from.. well.. mom's breakfast portions. But she wasn't hungry that morning at all and only tried to keep fast pace with her family toward the hills. It seemed that their father were taking them to the high ground and all those peaks she dreamed to visit someday.

And then it started. She heard something so loud she thought there was no such thing in existence. And she knew the bolts and thunders well. The ground started to move. In all directions. The rocks and boulders started to fall from the peaks. And in that very moment she did something she thought she would never do. The fear was gone in an instant and only pure curiosity emerged her tick skin. She took tree long jumps and climbed the sharp edge toward the only place on the cliff with clear view toward the ocean. She even used her tiny arms to balance her inproportional body.

On the horizon there was a stream of rocks coming from the sky. Just like the one that, the other day, exploded above the northern plain and lighted a forest fire. Only bigger. Much bigger. They were hitting the ocean one after another and making water to glow. All the sudden it stopped being beautiful and colorful. Only frightening and terrorful. And then she saw their father. Enormous rock. No. Gigantic boulder. No. The mountain. Yes. Just like the one they were climbing at right now.

At the end of the trail.

When it hit the water, all the fire and all the glow, all the thunder and roar, everything what she just saw and heard for the first time in her life faded out into one pure and ultimate silence. All the sentiment and fear accumulating last week disappeared instantly and merged into one single emotion.

Something new and pure. Something behind the nature. Something raw.

The anger.


Image credits:
Kokoro's Eye from "Playing with Dinosaurs" exhibition in Taipei
Tyrannosaurus family watch Asteroid by Gary Collins

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