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Ice Age vs Global Warming

Do you know what is one significant difference between Uranus and all the other planets in Solar system? Unlike the other seven planets who, more or less, rotate in "normal" up-down position (or down-up in case of Venus), Uranus is quite abnormal. It's north-south pole rotational axis lies almost in ecliptic because it is tilted by 97.8 degrees and rotates in almost vertical direction toward the orbiting plane. In simple words, Uranus is one giant rolling ball where if you are located on its pole, you would be experiencing only one day and one night during 84 years long orbit while if you are settled near the equator, thanks to ultra-fast rotation time (for a giant planet) of 17 hours you would be experiencing fast switching between day and night and during both solstices the Sun would always be on the horizon. Thanks to this strange position of Uranus axis (probably due to some cosmic collision happened in early Solar system), the weather and climate on Uranus are always

Augmented Reality

If you start thinking of augmented reality, what will come to your mind first? Well I don't know about you, but if you ask me, there is no doubt, it's the car keys. Yes, car keys. Let me explain. This is one of those weird situation when you're approaching your car from the distance and vainly trying to unlock the door with your fancy wireless keys. You are simply too far away from the car. But if you put the keys next to your head and try again your brain will do the magic. It will augment the poor thing and considerably enhance the wireless range and the car will no longer be locked. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. I don't remember exactly where I saw this, probably in those documentary shows like "Brainiac" or "Top Gear" but it works every time. Human body is a large conductor when it comes to radio waves and it easily alters the field when it's close to transmitter or receiver, but still this is very nice example of how your body

Déjà vu

In writers world, titles are extremely important. If they are strong enough, the stories are practically writing themself. So to speak. According to MarketingProfs  research, more than 2 million articles, posts and stories are published online everyday and lots of people reads no further from the title. Opening lines capable of forcing you to perform the actual click are nowadays rarity and I am not talking about those behind daily politics and current worldwide affairs. It's about all those titles that don't expire with next election or season. I am talking about all those powerful enough to coin new words. The one on today's menu is exceptional. Simply, "Déjà vu" has it all, potential of diving into mysterious and unexplored world of human brain. It always comes with great glimpse into fabulous quantum mechanics we are still pioneering to understand, tons of speculations of various kind, including spiritual experiences, subconsciousness network of living bein