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Celestia, Campfire and Astronomy

I remember every little detail from that weekend trip. From the very first moment when we stepped into the bus that took us to the mountain base, throughout the rest of the first day when we climbed down into small cave with narrow hallways toward the small chamber at it's end. I vividly remember glorious, endless and hard-to-find second cave we stepped in the very next day, followed by overwhelming feeling and little fear when we passed through cave chambers, cutting the darkness with handy tools and small flashlights. I will always hate myself, for not having a camera to capture surrounding scenery when we traveled by train later that afternoon, who looked like it came right out of 19th century with wooden benches rolling the railways slower than Usain Bolt. All those rock formations and abandoned train stations were slowly losing their battles with nature and were looking exactly like a background from Sergio Leone's spaghetti western movies. Viktor at Rundetårn observ

The Little Mermaid

I am wondering is it possible to combine, in just one blog post, a short story about one country, one modern IT business, several great friendships, air flights, professional challenges and friendly people everywhere you look? I know the answers is probably no, but I will try anyway. Let's start with a easy puzzle - if you thought of little mermaid and Hans Christian Andersen, quantum mechanics and Niels Bohr, famous Hamlet's "To be or not to be" in Shakespeare's old play, amazing cuisine with cookies, pretzels, Carlsberg beer and Legos? The answer, for a very few of you who didn't guess is of course Denmark. One of the top developed country of European Union. According to the United Nation's first ever World Happiness Report from this year, Denmark has taken the top spot followed by Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. When I first read about this I was skeptical since happiness is a relative thing and I am sure all people in the world are equally happy

GPS eXchange files vs Tracking apps

In the past, as a software developer, I was participating in a couple of projects regarding GPS tracking. One was a big project for two companies in Denmark who wanted to have installed "vehicle tracking" system in their cars and trucks along with commercial features, loading, communicating, invoicing etc. One was courier with small handheld GPS capable PDA devices and the other transportation company with large trucks equipped with big PC based cockpit computers. These two projects were very exciting for me, lots of good times with, at the time, new technologies, real time testing, listening people in the field for their wishes, complains and new requests. Anyway, GPS tracking software is now regular part of smartphones and kind of new entertainment for their users. This weekend we wanted to have small breakfast-picnic at the local waterflow resort and I turned it on when Viktor and I stepped out of the house. We were walking about two kilometers on foot and then waited f

DMV Processing

DMV Processing in current stage of existence is a software development company and a legal base of operation for an individual independent contractor. If I would like just to state keywords which could be company's and my own background they would be (present and past): Azure Communication Services, Microsoft Graph, Microsoft Azure, Node.js, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, C#/.NET, PHP, Python, RESTful API, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Web & Desktop/Mobile Apps, Office Apps Development, SSRS, SQL Server, Cloud/Azure.  Apart from technical background, the way of working is determent to be described in words: Freelancing, Outsourcing and Coding . DMV Processing, from this perspective is, what I often like to call, my own place where I pay the taxes with my office being my laptop in the most mobile meaning of the word possible. The turning point toward Microsoft business development came with business-fying the internet within fast enough pr