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FAR-T1 (3), Serbian Kryptonite

"It's white!" Arty kneeled to better focus on the mineral surface. "I mean, I knew it was white when you first told me about it.. I did all the online research I could, but even so I would expect at least a shadow of a greenish glow within the ultraviolet and visible wavelengths combined... Perhaps if I could use my UV-A sensors for black light and scan it from below..." Behind the mineral glass and Arty, Vicks gave the inquisitive glimpse toward the curator of the Serbian Natural History Center. The tall bald man welcomed them at the newly built drone pad behind the museum where they landed half an hour ago. Ever since it was founded, just couple of years after the discovery of Jadarite, one of the rarest minerals on Earth, the museum hosted unique collection of rocks and minerals with Jadarite showing off from the special shelf. Nowhere in the world the same mineral was ever found. It would be another of those newly discovered ordinary sodium based minerals

Game of Life

People are asking me these days what is "Game of Life" we are dealing with this whole summer? The only honest answer I can give is that I don't really know. I guess I lost myself into entire story of our pioneer film making project. It started like any other father-son benign tech play - it was sometime back in the middle of April when I was categorizing our pile of ordinary family video files and our 'cooking series' so in a moment of 'light bulb floating above my head' I asked myself why we don't move one step further and create a little longer short film of some sort. So I asked Viktor and he seemed thrilled about it, especially when I told him that he would play the major role and from there our "Game of Life" project became reality and started growing and morphing into real short movie and after little while began being more and more enjoyable and serious. In short, after four months of all of our 'Hollywood' efforts, Viktor a

YouTube Channel

In the past couple of years, every now and again I was uploading video clips to the YouTube that I made either for the blog intentionally or for some other "publishing" reasons and I've just realized that they piled up to the number big enough I can safely pronounce almost two dozens of them today to their public status and officially publish them. It's not really that big "contribution" to the video community but still here they are. Hopefully some of you would find them inspirational and interesting. If you do, following is the home page of the official channel where you can subscribe for the future or contribute with new YouTube community social features. Milan's Public Journal YouTube Channel Similar to the blog's threads and for better classification of all videos within the channel I created several playlists and filled them with videos of mutual theme or place or event. One of latest video files, the short movie Viktor and I made this su

Speed of Demographics

What do you think is THE fastest thing on Earth and beyond? I am sure if you first thought of a heavy rocket capable of taking astronauts to the orbit in less than 2 minutes or the fastest spacecraft we ever built with its speed of almost 90000 miles per hour, the answer would easily be NO. Comparing to what I am referring to right now, all those great man made machines are traveling only little faster than snails. Not even the motion of a planet or a star is even close to the speed of .... one little thing traveling as fast as human thought ... and simply called ... TIME. The time is the only thing that travels so fast that sometimes it seems that some memorable event engraved in our memory banks years ago, looks so vivid in the present like it happened only yesterday. If we look our children and how rapidly they grow, or ourselves, for that matter, caught on some picture in the past we simply can't get rid of the feeling and obvious question of how on Earth, time passed that

The Road

Original post date: May 2013, Update: September 2017 "When I think about everything we've been through together, maybe it's not the destination that matters, maybe it's the journey." This one-liner belongs to Harry Kim, a character from the Star Trek Voyager show - probably the episode when they all realized the ultimate truth about how far Earth is from their location and that even the lifetime might be too short to reach it back. It was one great show I swallowed in just couple of weeks back then in the beginning of 21st century. I remember I was watching up to 6 episodes every night and now looking to it from today's perspective perhaps the most memorable line I still remember is this one about famous journey-destination quote. So, what is your ultimate answer? Is it Journey or Destination? For me there is no doubt, it is always the journey. Even for travels as small as 50km we do to escape city on weekends and go to the mountain village I mention

Wild Wet West in Eastern Serbia

Previous couple of days and weeks in Serbia were pretty wet*. There were rains after rains, floods, small and big, then some rains again, even today when I glimpsed through the window there were no cheerful colors out there, only various shades of gray. Nevertheless, we decided to spend the last weekend in the mountains and our country house I wrote about it on several occasions before. It turned out not to be so bad at all! Bigar waterfall Yesterday we went to the Bigar waterfall resort I mentioned once or twice on the blog, just to check the water levels these days. Even though it is just a stream of water no longer than 1000 meters in length, it ends in a wonderful small 30m waterfall and this May its doing it with grace and power! Tons of water are dropping every second into small river below just out of woods. Following video is a very nice slideshow I made out of images from our small yesterday's trip and YouTube gracefully helped with more than appropriate backgro