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I am surely not one of those doomsday preppers you could encounter on some documentary broadcast networks and I am definitely not digging a large basement underneath my house or buying cans of food and devices to purify water waiting for some apocalypse to arrive. It's not that I didn't give a thought or two on the topic. I even wrote a little about doomsday and apocalypse aftermath back in 2012 when it was all in media with that Mayan date event. However, one thing is for sure and probably the most cruel fact you might conclude from this research. We definitely don't have any influence in order to stop many of potential doomsday scenarios - like hostile alien attack or deadly collision with large asteroid or long nuclear winter. But with some we can deal with. Post-apocalyptic environment caused by bio-hazards are those we might prevent. But only if we start on time. Yesterday would be nice, but tomorrow is still ok. But, before we jump into the term itself and

Déjà vu

In writers world, titles are extremely important. If they are strong enough, the stories are practically writing themself. So to speak. According to MarketingProfs  research, more than 2 million articles, posts and stories are published online everyday and lots of people reads no further from the title. Opening lines capable of forcing you to perform the actual click are nowadays rarity and I am not talking about those behind daily politics and current worldwide affairs. It's about all those titles that don't expire with next election or season. I am talking about all those powerful enough to coin new words. The one on today's menu is exceptional. Simply, "Déjà vu" has it all, potential of diving into mysterious and unexplored world of human brain. It always comes with great glimpse into fabulous quantum mechanics we are still pioneering to understand, tons of speculations of various kind, including spiritual experiences, subconsciousness network of living bein