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Why I Prefer Chess Bots

Or to be precise, the title should be 'Why I prefer chess bots to human players'. In short, at least with me, is that playing bots is pure fun and learning, while playing against humans is usually nothing more than a competition that always comes with various feelings that are not always related to the game per se. It's not that there are no emotions involved when playing computer algorithms, it's more in the fact that it is much easier to punch the table when the blunder comes out of nowhere if there's a screen across the board than an actual person and it's even easier to hit the 'play again' button without any regrets or remorse. Don't get me wrong here, I enjoy playing humans immensely but the chess is something that occupies me on daily basis and for that the only opponent ready at any given time is artificial intelligence especially all those colorful characters from within portal. To be honest, I've only been playing against

DarkNet, Deep Web and Bitcoins

Mwahahaha. Muahahahahahahah. Finally they got me. I tried to defy crossing to the dark side for so long... But I couldn't help myself. Resistance was futile. It always is. As from today, I am proud to announce that I finally joined and opened my first darknet page. Every Yin has its own Yang and today this blog earned its own yang page. Or was it yin page? Hmmm, that's unclear and surely depends on the point of view and in case of the almighty Internet, and its Darknets and Clearnets, what is Yin and what is Yang is not intelligibly comprehensible, especially if you are familiar with internet background and its traffic, packets, sniffing, crawling, protocols, addresses, tcp sources and lots of other technicalities. Anyhow, please behold my first darknet page which you will never find by googling and searching. For all the mainstream sake, it doesn't exist. Even if they find it, I will change the node and the link and go even deeper into the dark shadows of the network where